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AMG Trading And Investments has created the highly-sought after 

Trader Development Program...

With the mission to educate and empower traders to develop their personalized trading plan. Further allowing them to trade with confidence and consistency. 

Our vision is to develop thousands of structured traders, watching them transform their trading careers, and develop their personal trading plans.

 So they will have the financial opportunity to serve others and live a life with freedom and fulfillment. 
Do you know what it takes to develop your trading plan?
Recent Premium Trading Results
$SPY Calls & Put Hedge + 171% ROI
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Recent Day Trading Results
$QQQ Calls + 136% ROI
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Recent Swing Trading Results
$QQQ + SPY Calls + 107% ROI
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These Tools Are Going To Catapult Your Trading Career!
Develop Your Trading Plan. Unlock Your Potential.
  • Trader Development E-Learning Modules.
  • The AMG Trading Playbook.
  • Daily Trading Routine Checklist. 
  • LIFETIME Access To The AMG Trading Floor.
  • AMG Trade Tracker & Strategy Performance Ledger.
  • ​​3-Points Of Interest Equation.
  • Trader Development Workbook.
  • ​​Premium Selling Equation. 
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10% of your membership fee will go towards blessing a local church, or ministry. Our community is blessed by God and we will give the first 10% to Him.