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We are the only company out there that offers both stocks and options trading.
If you shop around, none of our competitors offer both trading practices in the same room.

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Sign up you will receive a video lesson via email with limited time offers, followed by four more instructional videos. Just takes a few second to sign up for a start to a life as a successful trader. You'll learn that with the proper guidance and strategies in place, you too can achieve financial freedom working from home at your own hours, if you learn how to trade smarter.

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Chat Rooms

This is where you belong join us and experience a better way to trade, The daily premarket analysis and trading plan is essential before we broadcast live Alerts, these Chat Rooms are where we forecast trade setup live as we are entering our positions giving you the opportunity to be a part of the trading process. Thirty minutes before the market opens we post our daily watchlist. We provide a unique value to our members with our live trading chat room. We show you our charts so you can be fully engaged during the trade, allowing us to showcase the strategies we teach in our trading courses in real time.

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Trading Courses

This is where you need to start. Don’t just search online at Investopedia, subscribe to various trading YouTube channels, or follow a lot of traders on twitter and hope you can put it all together and become successful. Once graduating these AMG training classes you will be able to find and trade stock picks with confidence and consistency! See how to buy these stocks before the competition so you don’t pay the premiums! The AMG trading system teaches you how to be diversified and profit in the market whether you buy stocks, options, day trade or swing trade!

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Trader Road Map

You can invest in your personal education. There are no free rides to success it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance before you see progress. We have compiled a very extensive program for you to become competitive in the stock market. Take advantage of these tools, knowledge, mentorship, and constructive criticism needed to optimize your success.

Our Returns For 2016 Prove It All For AMG Trading Strategies

Trading Courses

This Is Where You NEED To Start

You need to thoroughly understand many of our strategies and how we react to the market when you trade with us. If you're NOT studying our trading courses you will make costly mistakes that may take you out of the market. Members who take our trading courses then ease into trading with us after they have put in hard work studying have a much greater opportunity to compete with Wall Street and be successful. We recommend studying our courses and investing in yourself before you invest in the stock market.


Novice Trader Course

Our introduction course will teach you all you need to know from the basics to the complexities of our profession. We have written over 15,000 words of the valuable content chapter by chapter to help you understand stock trading essentials. It covers what the stock market is, the PDT rule, types of orders, level 1 and level 2, stops losses, trader psychology and so much more. This is a required course for all road map members this is the catalyst for trading as a professional and trading with confidence and consistency. With many hours of videos with literature and diagrams explaining in detail, it is, "The Trading Professionals Handbook".

Swing Trading

Stocks & Options Course

If swing trading is your choice and fits with your schedule then our in-depth swing trading course is the right choice for you, and it has been specifically designed for swing traders. This course explains the different types of orders we use and how to place stop losses. Understanding the market sentiment, finding trends and how to position yourself in directional movements and so much more that is essential in capturing large RETURNS We will teach you how to trade like the big money managers do, how to hedge your positions and how to adjust your positions to let your money work for you. We recommend this course for all traders, you must be diversified even if you’re primarily a day trader.

Day Trading

Stocks & Options Course

If day trading best fits your trading style and is the best the fit for your schedule, then this is the course necessary to understand our trading style, patterns and thought processes. We want every chat room member to study and be proficient with this information, so you can capture large returns with us and enter trades with or even before us. This course teaches you how to set up your brokerage account platforms, types of orders, several different strategies, setting up your scanners, to building daily watchlists and much more. This course will prepare you for day trading, and explains in detail what you need to do every premarket to be ready for the opening bell.

Our Chat Rooms

Day & Swing Trading Chat Rooms

Day trading and swing trading are very different and each requires special attention, so we have them separated. Depending on your strengths, weaknesses, and schedule you may be better in one room or both rooms. We will help you find what works best for you, we recommend scheduling a FREE 15-minute consultation with one of the team members to better answer any questions you may have.


Day Trading Chat Room

Day trading provides many opportunities to trade every day and we capitalize on the morning market momentum trades. Premarket planning is the most import part of our day, it is the cornerstone that sets our day in motion, we have several ways to react to the open, The majority of our trades take place within moments of the bell, you should be available for the first 45 minutes. We trade the best risk to reward setups every morning and it is not usual for us to have many days where we lock in large returns on our investments. Many trades are fast paced option trades right off the open, but depending on market tone we may long or short small cap stocks. Then after the first 45 minutes of market open we look to take profits and search for mid to late day setups including pullback, and directional trades.

Swing Trading Chat Room

Every day we alert our trading plans off the current weekly watchlist and update our open positions premarket. When the market opens and the stocks that were watching hit our points of interest, we alert the stock the order type and price as we enter our positions giving you an opportunity to trade with us in real time.

Our swing portal is for reviewing our weekly watchlist, and to visualize our open positions charts that show our entries, expected profit target, and stop loss. The open positions tab is for reference, and for educational purposes. The swing trade chat room is also provided for swing members to have a platform to communicate with our moderators about swing trades.

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Learn How To Make
Weekly & Daily Watchlists

Watchlist are created for technical analysis and preparation for the long and the short price target points to enter or sizing into positions. Drawing these horizontal lines and knowing where they are is crucial to identify trade set ups. We refer to our lists regularly to capitalize on big returns.

Study Our Trade History
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Review the trade history it’s posted for educational purposes, to review trades and become more proficient, take a look back at the charts and figure out why we did what we did, let this be another reason for your success.

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......We Do?

AMG trading is an educational platform with a community of stock market traders. We provide our members with the educational materials to become successful stock market traders or longer term investors. We day trade and swing trade, both stocks and option contracts. We have built an interactive program and community unlike anywhere else. Our mission is to teach you how to find your niche in the stock market. We are active day and swing traders that utilize the markets price action to profit in either direction, or market sentiment.


......We Are?

We are a father and son team, who enjoy trading and working together. We believe in God and put him first in our lives, and We have a passion for sharing our knowledge with others because we know it can be life changing for many people. We value honesty and kindness and enjoy working with other people who share the same interests. We love to see others succeed, and our goal is to provide the information and the guidance one needs to create wealth and prosperity for their families for many years to come.


......Are We Here?

We love to see others succeed and we feel extremely blessed that we can provide the potential for others to become successful at trading. We know individuals need to find their trading styles, and we work with them strategically, to develop their skills to gain the confidence needed to succeed as a retail trader. Our ultimate goal is to shape you into a profitable and independent trader, while providing you with the utmost value and support.


......We Can Help!

We can help you in several ways. But our main goal is to provide you with the support and educational program to develop you as a professional, and diversified trader in all markets tones. We know there is no reason for you to fail on a consistent basis anymore, when you commit to working hard in our program and courses. We will work one on one with you to develop your trading style and teach you many strategies. We will provide you the tools, the educational materials, and a portal for success.

"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
-Colossians 3.17